A Call for a Smart Pocket Watch

A smart pocket watch would be perfect. Most of the smart watches today are limited to 24 hours of battery life with a few going to 48 hours. Really?

One of the reasons I switched to a pocket watch is that I ride a motorcycle. Long rides with a large wristwatch covered by a gauntlet are very uncomfortable. The watch has to come off or my wrist will be killing me. Secondly, I found some watches can’t survive the vibration of a motorcycle, the battery slips from it’s position. A guy at a watch store explained that one to me and showed me what was happening inside the wristwatch. Most jeans have a watch pocket on the right, inside your regular pocket. Looks good with a short chain leading from a belt loop to that pocket.

A pocket watch tends to be thicker and slightly larger than a wristwatch. Think larger battery and larger display. Maybe even a display you could actually read a text message on.

Maybe a battery that could support a week’s worth of normal use, or could make the watch a replacement for phased out mini ipod.

What else would you want that simply wouldn’t fit into a wristwatch or wouldn’t be practical in that for factor?


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