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IFTTT is an acronym stands for “IF This Then That”.

Welcome to basic programming, but in plain English. We’re going to use it today to talk to Twitter and get all of the tweets but without anyone knowing what you’re reading.

Let’s say you’re interested in Twitter feeds that a Human Resources department may frown upon, or are politically charges, or, well, you get he idea. You want o keep up on something but don’t want anyone to know it. You can also use this method to make sure you don’t miss somebody’s tweet.

First, create an account at http://ifttt.com. Once you have that you’ll have to find a recipe for emailing tweets to your email account. You can find one here: https://ifttt.com/p/mi333/shared

Click on that image and you’ll get:

Click on “turn on”.

Enter the Twitter handle in the username field that you want to receive tweets for. Click “Save”.

You are now done. If you want to customize the email you get, click on the asterisk in the upper right.

You’ll get this:

By clicking in “+Ingredient” you’ll get the options for the body of the email. You can even use html codes in this area. My own version is this:

Here’s the code if you want to copy it into your own:

via http://twitter.com/{{UserName}}
Text: {{Text}}
Link: <a href=”{{LinkToTweet}}”>{{LinkToTweet}}</a>
Created: {{CreatedAt}}

You’ll get an email that looks like this:

Have fun. 🙂


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